Decking Fitters Glasgow

We build quality decking using soft and hardwoods. We have many different designs we can use.

Why should you choose us to install your decking

Our goal is to become the top deck installation company in Glasgow and Lanarkshire, we offer an ecxellent service with professional results at affordable prices. We don't rush our work, we take our time and have great pride in our work. We only move on to the next job when we have completed your deck to the highest possible standard.

Decking Maintenance

To keep your decking at its best, it should be maintained every year, it should be cleaned and then stained or oiled to preserve the timber. This will ensure the longevity of your decking and keep it looking at its best.

We offer a low cost maintenance service, were we come out and clean your decking with a high pressure cleaner, we then stain or oil your decking to protect it for another year.

Pressure Cleaning Decking

We can pressure clean your decking at any time of the year, but we can only oil or stain it on dry days, so for this reason we only offer this service in spring, summer, and autumn months. Please also note, very high pressure cleaning decking can and will damage decking, we don't use the full pressure setting on our cleaners, this means it takes us longer to clean your deck. We also recommend in some case that you don't have your decking pressure cleaned, we have pet and child friendly anti-fungal sprays to treat decking, prior to oiling and sealing,